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2/4/15 - Sheriff Office Increases Bus Violation Enforcement press release...

5/12/14 - Authorities have reported considerable property damage in the Beaver Crossing and Cordova areas press release...

Nebraska Trial Courts Makes Schedule of Court Cases Available On-Line press release...

Traffic Citations Can Now Be Paid On-line Through the Nebraska Court's New ePayment System  press release...   

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Seward County Assessor Property Search website...

View and Pay Real EstateTaxes On-Line more info...

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We invite you to browse our web site to learn about our various County offices and the services Seward County, Nebraska offers its citizens. This web site contains information about County programs, services, departments and offices, as well as helpful information on commonly asked questions. We encourage you to use this site frequently to access agendas and minutes of the Board of County Commissioners. Please contact the Webmaster if you have any questions, comments or suggestions on how we can improve this web site.

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Official Seward County General Election Results

Find out all of Seward County's official election results from Tuesday, November 8.


Drivers License Examiners' Location

Seward County Courthouse
529 Seward St. (second floor)
Seward, NE 68434
(402) 643-2980
9:15 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Every Wednesday

Identification, Address and Social Security Number Verification Requirements - : Nebraska statute requires ONE form of identification which includes name and date of birth for driver's licenses, permits and Nebraska ID cards. Also required, will be TWO forms of address verification.

Driver License Renewal/Replacements Online

NewSeward County Clerk Property Records Search


Nebraska Voter Registration Application

Nebraska now allows On-Line Voter Registration if you have a current Nebraska Driver's License or Nebraska ID. Use following link to register, https://www.nebraska.gov/apps-sos-voter-registration/


Justice Center Construction Site Webcam

Keep up with the construction process of the Seward County Justice Center project. Click here to see time lapse pictures or a video.

Sheriff Office Increases Bus Violation Enforcement

The Seward County Sheriff's Office request for funding their effort to make highways safer for school children was approved. Read the Press Release for more information.


ATTENTION Seward County Landowners ~ Public Notice

The Seward County Board of Commissioners are making the general public and landowners aware of the following statutes.  The Seward County Highway Department is the agency representing the Seward County Commissioners in regard to enforcement of these statutes.

Seward County Adopts Title VI Anti-Discrimination Policy

The County of Seward County, Nebraska hereby gives public notice that it is the policy of Seward County to assure full compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1987, and related statutes and regulations in all programs and activities. More information and the complaint form may be found on the Title VI and ADA page.

Passport Information

For information about applying for a passport, logon to U.S. Department of State or for passport questions, travel emergencies, or to make an appointment at one of the Regional Passport Agencies, please contact the National Passport Information Center (NPIC).

Traffic Citations Can Be Paid On-line

Motorists who receive payable traffic citations (tickets with a set fine which can be paid without a court appearance) will now be able to pay their traffic fines on the Internet through the Nebraska Judicial Branch's new on-line payment system.

Through the new ePayment secured payment system, traffic citations can be paid by logging onto the Judicial Branch Web site, https://www.nebraska.gov/courts/citations/.

Typical traffic citations that can be paid on-line include: speeding tickets, seat belt violations, driving without current tags, failure to stop at stop sign, and similar offenses of a less serious nature. However, more serious violations still require court appearances, including: driving on a suspended license, driving while under the influence of alcohol, driving an uninsured vehicle, or driving while impaired by controlled dangerous substances. Motorists may not pay their traffic citation on-line if the citation indicates that they must appear in court.

City and municipal parking citations must be paid to the local municipalities, although many cities have their own on-line ePayment programs.

View and Pay Property and Motor Vehicle Taxes On-Line

Seward County offers on-line tax payments to free up time and eliminate the considerable cost of late fees. On-line bill pay is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Seward County tax information from 1999 forward has been made available for viewing at Nebraska Taxes On-Line.

Upcoming Events

Holiday Closings

Seward County offices will be closed Monday, November 24 & 25, 2016 in observance of Thanksgiving. Offices will reopen on Monday, November 28, 2016.

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