Nebraska Trial Courts Makes Schedule of Court Cases Available On-line

Nebraska's Judicial Branch has launched a new on-line service that allows attorneys, litigants and the general public to retrieve up-to-date trial
court case schedules on the Internet.

The JUSTICE court case schedule calendar is an easy-to-use resource designed to quickly locate a hearing scheduled in participating courts.
The new on-line case information is available through a link on the Nebraska Judicial Branch Web Site at:

Searches for cases appearing on the trial court's calendar can be initiated by last name or date within a specific county: Select a county name,
followed by district court or county court and enter a date or last name. Users will find the name of the case (caption), the court's case
identification number, the time, courtroom number, and type of hearing.

Case schedule calendar, which is available in over 170 courts statewide,including all 93 county courts, is updated on a daily basis.

The service is an extension of the JUSTICE (Judicial User System to Improve Court Efficiency) system of case management and docketing for the trial court system.

"This project is a natural extension of the state judiciary's ongoing efforts to make court information available in electronic form," said State
Court Administrator Janice Walker.