CLassroom activities, etc


Classroom Activities, etc

Check here for news, schedule info, updates, etc. as the year goes on.  Please check for updates, etc. during the year.

World War II Websites, etc

1) a 45 sec look at Hiroshima after the bombing

3) Flocabulary – “Would you drop it?” WWII summary

4) Hiroshima after the Atomic Bomb - 360 degree panorama

5)  What would your city have looked like if it had been hit by the Hiroshima bomb?

6) Tank warfare “Choose your own adventure” type game WWII (from Canada!)

7) GREAT D-Day interactive website (narrated, actual survivor interviews, etc)

8) Nice informational website about the removal of Japanese-Americans to internment camps

9) interactive Secret Annex of Anne Frank (hiding from the Holocaust)

10) World War II “Warfare 1944” good war game

11) Culture of the 1940s

12) Dr. Seuss Goes to War (good site of Seuss political cartoons for primary source analysis)

The World Wars (DVD online)

If you have missed any of the video sessions, you can go to these links to catch up (or review) any sessions.

*Each session is about 45 minutes

  1. 1)WW1 Part 1 “Trial By Fire” (A)

  1. 2)WW1 Part 1 “Trial By Fire” (B)

3) Lead Into WW2 Part 2 “A Rising Threat” (A)

4) Lead into WW2 Part 2 “A Rising Threat” (B)

  1. 3)WW2 Part 3 “Never Surrender” (A)

  1. 4)WW2 Part 3 “Never Surrender” (B)

KNOW YOUR STATES:  Practice here for our states map quizzes!

KNOW YOUR COUNTRIES:  Practice here for our World Geo map quizzes!

8th Football “Seahawks Tackling”