CLassroom activities, etc


Classroom Activities, etc

Check here for news, schedule info, updates, etc. as the year goes on.  Please check for updates, etc. during the year.

1920s TEST

1) Click HERE to take the 1920s test

Roaring Twenties Game

1) Click the link below to play the Roaring Twenties simulation game

World War 1 Games, etc.

2) WW1 Trench Warfare “Choose Your Own Adventure” game - click the link below to see if you can survive!

3) World War I:  Would you be a good General on the Western Front?

- simulation game/decision making

4) WW1 Flying Game

- another WW1 called “Hostile Skies”

5) Warfare 1917
- trench warfare game/strategy (a little more complicated version - you’ll need some time)

6) Trench Warfare game:  (simpler, video game type - but can still learn from it)

The World Wars (DVD online)

History Channel’s great series about WW1 & WW2 being tied together!

*Each session is about 45 minutes

  1. 1.WW1 Part 1 “Trial By Fire” (A)

  1. 1.WW1 Part 1 “Trial By Fire” (B)

KNOW YOUR STATES:  Practice here for our states map quizzes!

KNOW YOUR COUNTRIES:  Practice here for our World Geo map quizzes!

8th Football “Seahawks Tackling”