CLassroom activities, etc


Classroom Activities, etc

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Immigration TEST

  1. 1)Click HERE to take today’s test


  1. 1)Click on this link below to play an online simulation as an immigrant arriving to America & Ellis Island (play all the way through)

2) Check your knowledge of Immigration Law at iCivics “Immigration Nation” game (play all the way through)

3) Take all 3 parts of the History Channel’s sample Citizenship Quiz to see if you could pass

4) Click on the link below and click around the interactive tour of Ellis Island

  1. 5)Watch different parts (you can skip some parts - but watch some too!) of this video tour field trip to Ellis Island

Native American Conflict in the West

  1. -click on the link below to play this “Choose your own Adventure” type game about the issues and conflict between Native Americans and settler

  2. -


  1. -click on the site below to play games and learn what it took to be a cowboy

  2. -

Can you survive a mining camp?

  1. -click on the site below to see if you could survive as a miner in the 1800s

KNOW YOUR STATES:  Practice here for our states map quizzes!

KNOW YOUR COUNTRIES:  Practice here for our World Geo map quizzes!

8th Football “Seahawks Tackling”