CLassroom activities, etc


Classroom Activities, etc

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Immigration Project Instructions

Click the link below to see the instructions sheet for the project


  1. 1)Click the link below to “turn in” your project

  1. 2)Once your name shows up on the spreadsheet on the projector, you’ve turned it in.  Then...

3) Go to the “Immigration Websites” below and start with #1

Immigration Websites

1) Mission U-S “Choose Your Own Adventure” Simulation

2) Ellis Island/Immigration simulation game

3) PBS kids Immigration simulation (become an immigrant in New York)

- simple, yet good learning

4) iCivics “Immigration Nation” game

5) Irish Potato Famine simulation type

- interactive experience dealing with the Irish Potato Famine

6) Ellis Island website

- includes Torch Cam

- browse the site when you are there

7) Ellis Island interactive tour

- good info and interactive tour of Ellis Island

8) Interactive map to trace different immigrant groups distribution in the US

9) Scholastic’s Immigration website (good activities)

10) Take this online citizenship quiz

11) 30 min video tour of Ellis Island

KNOW YOUR STATES:  Practice here for our states map quizzes!

KNOW YOUR COUNTRIES:  Practice here for our World Geo map quizzes!

8th Football “Seahawks Tackling”